Custom Injection Molding
Industrial Automation

Plastics Injection Molding
Burger & Brown Engineering is eager to help with your injection molding projects. Your parts run is closely managed by our own RJG Certified Master Molder and Scientific Cooling* specialists. Your mold tryout, short run and larger production runs are our top priority.

Industrial Automation

Mold Tryout
After the design and mold work are finished, Burger & Brown Engineering can install and test your injection mold in one of our all-electric presses. Troubleshooting and additional rework can be performed in our facility, saving you transportation costs and time. Use our engineering expertise to fine-tune your product and process to help you create perfect molded parts.

Short Run
Let us quote your smaller injection molding jobs. We are efficient with prototype or small production quantities. Attention to detail sets us apart from the rest.

Industrial Automation Production Quantities Our injection molding machinery is maintained to the highest factory specifications for reliable operation. Parts are visually inspected during production to verify compliance with your requirements. Large production runs are delivered according to your schedule.

Inspection Statistical Process Control is performed by our skilled Quality Assurance Staff. Our capability ranges from visual part examination to sophisticated microscopic dimensional verification. Call us to discuss the details of your plastic parts. We have over 50 years of collective experience in the plastics injection molding industry. --You can trust us with your critical components.

*Scientific Cooling is a service mark of Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.