Industrial Manufacturing Company in Kansas City
Industrial Manufacturing Company in Kansas City

Industrial Manufacturing Company in Kansas City

Our Process

Learn what makes us the best industrial manufacturing company in Kansas City! Over the course of over 3 decades, we have nailed down a process that provides excellent service on every job. 

How It Works

Step 1: NDA forms
You and our Sales Manager will get in touch and discuss the need for any NDA forms. We will sign and return these to you promptly.

Step 2: Initial project consultation
The first step to successful project completion is a consultation with our Sales Manager. We’ll define the scope of the project, document each step, and create a timeline. We welcome customers to check in along the way to monitor progress and stay informed.

Step 3: Communication

If the project is a part to be manufactured, we’ll ask you to send us drawings via email or FTP server along with any other special packaging or quality assurance needs particular to your company. We’ll request part quantity and delivery date requirements. If your project is for Engineering or Automation, we will schedule additional consultations as needed.

Step 4: Visit

Next, schedule an on-site visit if this is your preference. If you visit us in person, we will ask you to sign an NDA before entering the offices and manufacturing floor.

Step 5: Get a quote

We will send you a quote. If you accept the quote, you’ll forward us a Purchase Order containing delivery instructions. If required, email us any vendor qualification forms for completion. We accept credit card payments in lieu of opening credit accounts. If you would like to open a credit account, we may ask you for references.



Reduced shipping cost

Due to our central location in the Kansas City area, we offer 2-day shipping to most locations within the continental US!

Delivery you can trust

Burger & Brown Engineering has been in business since 1978. Years of experience combined with an environment of cultivating relationships means dependable service you can trust.

Local Community Support

Our company culture supports not just our team members but the wider community outside of our building. We participate in local charity events and business networking across industry associations.

"Excellent customer service and the desire to go above and beyond and every job."

Carl R.

Reach Out!

Call today to speak with our Sales Manager for more information! We can’t wait to discuss your project with you.

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