Precision Engineering in Kansas City
Precision Engineering in Kansas City

Precision engineering in Kansas City

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Our Purpose Statement “Growth by Maximizing Opportunity” includes everyone in our sphere:

  • Customers
  • Team Members
  • Suppliers
  • Community

Our Story

Founded in 1978

Phil Burger founded Burger Engineering in 1978 after working nearly ten years as a mechanical engineer in the plastics industry. In the early years, Phil designed and built special equipment for manufacturers. In 1982, the company began building injection molds for area plastics companies. During its years as a mold-builder, Burger Engineering developed several unique and useful accessories for molders, and launched the Smartflow® product line.

Brown Arrives

Mark Brown joined the firm in 1994 as General Manager. He helped grow the firm in a significant way, and in 2002, Mark became the Vice President. We changed the company name to Burger & Brown Engineering. Mark repurposed company strengths by ceasing mold-building operations and establishing the High Speed Micro-Milling Department to serve a new customer base. The Injection Molding department was launched in 2004 to provide additional manufacturing capacity. In 2005, Mark purchased a majority position in the company and became the President.

Renewal & Renovation

Shortly after, the company moved from Olathe, Kansas into the current building in Grandview, Missouri. After successfully weathering the Great Recession of 2009, the company began a phase of renewal and growth. A major renovation completed in 2016 increased the manufacturing and office space from 30,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet, making room for additional reorganization and expanded services.

Corey & the Future of the Company

Corey Brown joined the firm in 2014 as a Project Engineer, and became Engineering Manager in 2015. Corey transitioned to Vice President in charge of daily operations in 2017 and company President January 1, 2021.

Our continual growth is attributed to “Work for Others” services including Industrial Automation, Conventional CNC Machining, Micro-Milling, Swiss Turning, Custom Injection Molding, and Contract Engineering. With these services, we offer Engineered Solutions to industry sectors of: Medical, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Energy, and more. These customers require close tolerance performance from their suppliers and understand the value of our technical services.

Under Corey’s leadership and vision, the company is focusing on our culture, shifting toward new technologies, and manufacturing processes while preparing for the future of precision engineering in Kansas City.

Core Values

These Core Values are constant reminders to strive for excellence for our coworkers, our clients, and ourselves.


The relentless pursuit of ethical and honest practices


The relentless pursuit of excellence for our customers, for each other, and for our stakeholders


Of our customers, ourselves, each other, and our stakeholders


Impeccable credentials are essential to precision engineering customers. Our business partners require accuracy, security, and confidentiality. Third party certifications provide the proof.

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Burger and Brown Engineering is "THE" machine shop when it comes to high precision and quality. (They have) Excellent customer service and the desire to go above and beyond on every job. When you need precision CNC work, be it lathe, mill, or micro milling they've got you covered.

- R. Carl

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