Manual Machining
Manual Machining

Manual Machining in Kansas City

Manual Machining in Kansas City

Some tasks that cannot be accomplished by Computer Numerical Controlled machines require Manual Machining in Kansas City. Programmed machining has its place, but at times it takes an expert machinist to finesse component assembly or test process success.

Areas Where our Manual Machinists Excel

Small batch custom parts

Prototype production

Machine process development



Material testing

Refining form/fit/function ahead of CNC Programming


Our Process

Every part, customer, and situation is unique. Deciding when to use Manual Machining vs. CNC Machining takes judgement based on years of experience. As we listen to customer needs and the expected project outcome, Burger & Brown Engineering will recommend the process and personnel best suited to the job.

Why Us?

Highly Trained Staff

Experience and dedication to their craft make our Manual Machinists excellent problem solvers. Our team members are among the best in their field.

Wide Variety of Equipment

Our Manual Machinists are experienced in CNC Machining and Manual Machining for inter-department cooperation to make the best use of available resources.

In-House Quality Assurance

Micrometers are great, Optical Comparators are better. For close-tolerance work, the manual machinists have full access to world-class inspection equipment to help with any project.

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A computer program cannot replace the steady hand of an experienced machinist. When you need individual attention to detail for a small batch or special project call our Automation Manager for quote or consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It makes sense to make precision parts on a manual machine when the quantity is low, for example, when making prototypes from a material that can’t be 3D printed.

Since no programming is required, and quantities are generally smaller, manual machining can be an excellent option for quick-turn parts. Request a quote or contact the Sales Manager for details.

We have a variety of manual mills, lathes, and surface grinders in our manual machining area. Our welding capabilities are also used as needed to support the custom work in process.