medical machined parts

Machined Parts for the Medical Sector

We work extensively with manufacturers of laboratory environments and medical testing equipment. Your medical machined parts may be subject to punishing sterilization or extreme cleaning processes, and special materials may be required to withstand these rigorous standards. Burger & Brown Engineering creates durable, safe, and precise parts for the Medical sector.

Animal health companies adhere to these same durability and cleanliness standards and rely on us for second-tier manufacturing support.


Manufacturing in the central US reduces supply chain/delivery concerns.

We have the ability to troubleshoot and rework tooling (if needed) from outside sources.

In-house Engineering resources support the production of high quality precision machined parts from various materials.

Project completion is simplified for our customers by reducing the number of outside vendors needed. Our in-house capabilities include: Welding, Milling, CNC Lathe, Manual Machining, Plastic Injection Molding, High-Speed Micro-Milling, Quality Assurance.

"I feel privileged to have a facility (available) such as Burger & Brown, with their capacity and capabilities. Their professionalism and turnaround time have been exceptional, not to mention their ease to work with."

- Sam G.

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