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At Burger & Brown Engineering, our engineers near Kansas City strive to support the success of daily operations and long-term projects by practicing the Core Values of Integrity, Pride, and Awareness. 

Our team of resilient professionals is here to respond to your needs while actively supporting those who turn your ideas into reality.

Precision Engineering in Kansas City

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President & CEO

  • Business leader with Engineering background ushering the company into the future
  • I enjoy working with our team to solve the everyday challenges of manufacturing with new technologies.
  • It is satisfying to provide a company environment where people are encouraged toward personal and professional growth.
  • I place a high priority on participating in the wellness of our community, inside and outside of our organization.



Sales Manager

  • Technical Sales Manager with over 25 years of manufacturing experience
  • I like working with our customers in different industries and different locations. Maintaining these relationships is important to me.
  • I am passionate about providing custom products to our customers accurately and on schedule.



Human Resources Manager

  • I feel strongly about investing in people to help them grow as we continue to grow.
  • I resonate with this quote from Sir Richard Branson – “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”



Molding Manager

  • I enjoy working at Burger & Brown because we supply a wide variety of products and the process teaches me something new every day.
  • I feel engaged and challenged in my work.



Quality Assurance Manager

  • Burger & Brown provides me with opportunities to work with a great team. We seek to provide the level of quality that our customers expect, need, and deserve.
  • My mission is to help the business grow by seeking continual improvement to our processes and providing training opportunities for our team members.
  • I truly enjoy working for a company that cares about our team, customers, and community.



Engineering Manager

  • At Burger and Brown Engineering, we work on projects from many different industries and there are always opportunities to learn new things and use the latest precision manufacturing tools.
  • I like working at Burger and Brown Engineering because of the variety of challenges that we get to solve for our customers every day.
  • My efforts make a difference to the future of the company.

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