Engineering Facility in Kansas City
Engineering Facility in Kansas City

Manufacturing Facility in Kansas City

Our Manufacturing Facility in Kansas City

Our precision manufacturing facility in Kansas City is safe and functional, and filled with the latest, most innovative technology. We invest in updating our equipment as often as necessary to support the precision our customers rely on.

Facility Features

Our climate-controlled manufacturing environment is clean and organized with a low environmental impact.

Horizontal Mills with Pallet Changers

Manual Machining/Automation Area

Complete Quality Assurance Lab with Advanced Equipment

Responsible Cleaning of Machining Fluids

Energy Aware Operations (LED Lighting & Solar Collectors)


Sophisticated Automatic Swiss Lathes

All-Electric Injection Molding Machines

Advanced CNC Lathes and Multi-Axis Mills

Machining Debris Recycling Program

Constant Temperature and Humidity for Dimensional Stability

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Please reach out to us with further questions or schedule a tour of our engineering facility in Kansas City!