Thoughts on furry visitors at work.

The Power of Pets in the Workplace – by Mark Brown (CEO, retired)

Pets can have a positive effect on the atmosphere and culture in the workplace.

Business has an element of stress that can include the interaction of many different personalities.  Pets tend to lighten the mood and provide common ground for discussion.  Our dog Tippin, named for the white hairs at the end of his tail, has a gentle soul.  He knows no stranger and is always there to bring you a smile with his gentle personality, helping to melt away stress.  He changes everyone that he has contact with into being a young person offering scratches to his desire.  Some even bring in treats that he has grown to enjoy and knows their hiding places.

Through the summer, the office personnel dubbed Thursday as “Tippin Thursday”. As winter approaches, he will be in the office more frequently enjoying attention with office interaction.    When he arrives at the office, he smells the bushes and marks his territory before entering.  Once in, he runs to my office door knowing there is a bone with his name on it. Everyone keeps an eye out and lets him out as needed for bathroom breaks. When it’s time to go, all I have to say is, “let’s go bye, bye” and he is at the truck ready to climb in.

As I am writing this, he is laying in the corner asleep snoring.  In summary, having pets in the workplace can have a positive effect on workplace environment and Culture. People tend to be more kind in the presence of pets!  Thank you Tippin.