"Quality" is More than a Word or Department

Quality One Team

This is a high-tech piece of measurement equipment used in our Quality Assurance Lab.

Quality encompasses many aspects of a manufacturing process and a business. Typically, this word is viewed through the lens of a specific department. Rather, this is a company culture that focuses on our customers. We review our processes seeking to improve, assuring that we provide the level of quality parts and service that our customers deserve.

Our Quality Assurance team works closely with the Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales, Order Entry and Purchasing teams. This teamwork assures that customer orders are correct by detailed inspection with clear and concise communication.

For Example:

  1. Order Entry receives customer specifications and creates a new work order.
  2. Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing and Purchasing teams work with the Quality Assurance team to review the drawing and plan the work process together.
  3. Materials are ordered, parts are machined, then submitted to the QA team for inspection. Feedback is given to the machinist (proceed or make the necessary adjustments). The parts are produced with a sample part(s) submitted for additional inspection and verification prior to being released for shipment to the customer.

Cross-functional teams work on improvement projects and problem solving. When an improvement project is identified or submitted by a team member, a cross-functional team is organized to review the project considering the value added and associated cost. This is submitted for review for approval and if approved the project proceeds.

Each new day is an opportunity to learn, grow and look to improve our business with our dedicated and talented team members. The Quality Assurance team has over 60 years of combined experience. This experience guides us toward solving challenging issues, process improvement and performing precision inspection and documentation. We understand the value of teamwork, shared vision and enjoying the work we do every day.

Quality is more than a word or department it is truly who we are: Burger & Brown Engineering.