Associates have a big impact on the success of the company.

Working for a “Small Business” – by Stacey Krivena, HR Manager

Front Doors of our small business

When looking for a new position many applicants tend to look past the small businesses. They tend to look at corporations who focus on large recruitment campaigns. Do you ever wonder what advantages there are to working for a small business? At Burger and Brown Engineering we have quite a few perks that are specific to our small business. From business changes, training and development, and flexible work schedules.

Accomplishments – Working for a small business is very different than a corporation. At BBE our associates are a top priority. Changes made within the business are always looked at for how it impacts our associates and our customers. We have the ability to be creative and make changes that we feel benefit everyone. We also take into account feedback directly from our associates when they have suggestions.  Autonomy and trust play a big part in our company. Associates are asked for ideas and are given the authority to get things done. This requires management to put a good deal of trust into our associates. When things don’t turn out as expected, associates can try another path. Working in smaller groups makes it easier to brainstorm new ideas and get things accomplished.

Impact – Within a small company our associates have a big impact on the success of the company. Our associates play a part in improving processes, supporting satisfied customers, solving problems, and increasing sales. Taking part in these things is constructive and its easier for everyone to see in a small company.

Individuals – Within our company our associates are more than just a number. Working with a smaller team means our associates get to know each other.  We get to know our associates and the goals that they have for themselves. This helps us to put plans in place for further training and development specific to them. This also allows managers to plan for the next steps our associates can take within the company.

Flexibility – Our associates are not stuck doing the same thing every day. Associates work on a variety of tasks throughout the day. At time they are asked to fill a need that hasn’t been done before, allowing our associates to grow and learn something new along the way. Being flexible is important within in our organization because we are all one big team. Being able to fill in where needed helps to drive our company’s success.

Work/life balance

Balance – Being able to manage a work life balance plays a big factor into people’s decisions when selecting a company. With flexible scheduling it allows our associates to be able to manage outside commitments along with work commitments. It also helps to build the positive culture that we have. Our associates see the flexible schedule as a big benefit.

While these are only a few of the perks of working for our small business. We think these really set us apart and resonate with our associates. Well, these things and the short walk to the car when it’s raining. These perks are just one of the many reasons our associates choose to work for Burger and Brown Engineering.