What's New

Smartscope Flash 500

New 5-Axis Mill

Our Fanuc Robodrill is a true 5-Axis mill with the power to machine and polish compound radial features without additional setups. This new mill increases our conventional CNC mill capacity to ten machines. Paired with our existing high speed micro mills, overall milling machine total is 21 for improved throughput for our customers.

Solar Array

3D Printing Capability

We're pleased to have new 3D printing capabilities available in our Engineering Department! Our new printers will allow faster hands-on prototyping for our in-house and customer projects.

Smartscope Flash 500

New Measuring Equipment

We're excited to announce the addition of a new Smartscope Flash 500 in the Quality Assurance Department! This new piece of equipment from OGP is a Multisensor Dimensional Measuring System equipped with a high quality zoom lens that automatically recalibrates itself after each zoom level change. With the addition of this new high quality, high accuracy optical measurement device, your machined parts can literally go under a microscope for evaluation before shipment.